A diamond is only good as its worst facet.

Not only do we encourage the members of our team to further their education- we also believe in sharing our knowledge about gemology, diamonds, cutting, polishing, grading and crystallography with our partners.

Whatever burning questions about diamonds you or your Customers may have- we’re here to answer them. An extensive resource library on diamond cutting, polishing and gemology is available to our entire team.


Knowledge is meant to be shared.

We believe in equipping our partners with all the necessary product knowledge and back-up support they may require to assist them in growing their business.

In an industry dominated by diamond dealers, traders, importers and wholesalers, we offer our partners direct access to our factory and our team of diamond professionals.

We encourage all our partners to collaborate and share best practices where possible.

We want you to succeed in your business.

Through in-store demonstrations, Customer appreciation evenings, radio- and television interviews, magazine articles, training events, public relations, social media and blogging we aim to provide you with the information and tools you need to increase your diamond sales.

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